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Aptana Studio create Start Menu path that doesn't include the word "Aptana"



      1) Download Aptana Studio installer; execute
      2) When asked to create Start menu icon, click Yes
      3) Let install complete

      Expected result:

      • A folder named "Aptana Studio" is created in the Start menu or the Aptana Studio application shortcut is created in the Start Menu without a folder
      • Windows 7's "new application highlight" highlights the entry

      Actual result:

      • A folder named "Appcelerator" is put in the Start menu.
      • No Windows 7 highlighting occurs

      This is an issue because the word "Appcelerator" doesn't even appear on Aptana's homepage, except for the copyright notice at the bottom. I wager the vast majority of Aptana's users do not know the name of its parent company, and do not know to look for the name of its parent company on the Start menu, thus creating confusion.

      Additionally, Aptana does "something" (I don't know what exactly) to break Windows 7's "new application highlight" in the Start menu. If the "new application highlight" worked correctly, it would mitigate the strange folder name.




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