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    • Fix Version/s: Aptana Studio 3.0.5
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      Aptana Studio 3, build:
      Windows 7


      If you select a content block in the Beaver editor and invoke commenting (CTRL+/), the editor will comment the selected block and deselect that content. This causes a problem insofar as it abrogates the editor option of uncommenting the appropriate content block.

      Steps to Replicate :

      1) Open Aptana Studio
      2) Open an empty, saved Beaver file
      3) Place the following content in that file :

      %left RPAREN;
      %left MULT, DIV;
      %left PLUS, MINUS;
      %typeof NUMBER = "Number";
      %typeof expr = "Expr";
      expr = expr.a MULT  expr.b   {: return new Expr(a.value * b.value); :}
           | expr.a DIV   expr.b   {: return new Expr(a.value / b.value); :}
           | expr.a PLUS  expr.b   {: return new Expr(a.value + b.value); :}
           | expr.a MINUS expr.b   {: return new Expr(a.value - b.value); :}
           | NUMBER.n              {: return new Expr(n.doubleValue());   :}
           | LPAREN expr.e RPAREN  {: return e; :}

      4) Select all content (CTRL+A)
      5) Invoke commenting (CTRL+/) to comment selected text
      6) Invoke commenting again (CTRL+/) to uncomment selected text

      Actual Results :

      After step 5, the editor deselects the content block and leaves the caret at the top or bottom of that block, so that attempting to uncomment the content block will perform a second commenting action on the top / bottom line.

      Expected Results :

      If the editor retains the block selection, the end user will be able to comment / uncomment the content block with successive CTRL+/ entries.




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