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Local incremental backups of remote files


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      Aptana Studio 3, build:
      Mac OS 10.6.8


      I have a long list of existing sites that I connect to and edit files remotely. I would like a new feature to be able to automatically save local incremental backups of every file that I edit remotely.

      Creating a Project for every site is far from ideal, and many of them I only need to make a small change(s) to no more than a few files. This would also require that my local version is up-to-date, requiring me to download the remote copy every time. I simply want to edit the remote file, but have it save a backup copy to my local machine in the event the remote copy is lost/overwritten/etc.

      1. Allow me to specify the backup directory on my local machine
      2. Allow me to specify the file structure of backups (e.g. inside the main backup directory, I would want subdirectories named after my Remote Connections [not after the server itself, I have multiple connections to different sites on the same server], within those I would want it to follow the same file structure of the remote connection)
      3. Allow me to specify the file name of backups (e.g. Filename-Timestamp.Extension, but some users may want a different naming scheme)
      4. Allow me to specify how long backups are kept, or a maximum disk space per Remote Connection, etc.
      5. Allow me to specify when a new backup file would be created (e.g. opening a remote file and saving 5 times while making/viewing changes would create 5 backup files for me, but some users may only want 1 backup file created each time they open the remote file)




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