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    • Affects Version/s: Aptana Studio 3.0.3
    • Fix Version/s: Aptana Studio 3.0.4
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      Eclipes Indigo


      So I can create my FTP connections in the Remote window, and then tie my coldfusion project to it. Then I select a single file, right click and select Deploy -> Transfer Files; when i click the synchronize button it opens the "Synchronize files between two endpoints" window, but the progress bar under "Comparing: ..." just spins its wheels. I can see in the Synchronize Console it says

      Gathering list of source files from ... Completed in 2,018 ms.
      Gathering list of destination files from ... Completed in 368,049 ms.
      File listing complete.
      Generating comparison.

      This is where i finally cancel it.

      I can upload and download files fast as lightening. If i switch console view to FTP Console, i see it doing all the compares, but we have thousands of files, and i've only selected one file for it to sync.

      in the last week i've upgraded to a new windows box with win7 pro, but i used to have the same problem on win xp pro before this. thing is, when i first started using aptana studio 2 in 2009, i never had this problem with ftp sync. it wasn't until i installed rad rails and aptana studio 3 that it started having this issue. back then, i would just let it spin it's wheels, and when it finally showed the results and i did the sync, then after that i could select any file in that project to sync and it only took a few seconds, until i closed eclipse and reopened and then it was the same issue again. I thought the issue would go away after changing computers and having a clean windows install, but it hasn't.

      I've searched everywhere for a solution and couldn't find one, so hopefully someone can help me out here. thanks in advance!




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