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Allow user to compare files in synchronization by checksum



      {html}<div><p>Assigned to <a href=
      Tender issue #47</a>. As reported in Tender:</p>
      <p>I think the file synchronization can be improved by adding a
      feature to compare the files not only on date but also on file size
      or perhaps some kind of check sum. The current feature becomes
      quite inconvenient when working on a project where Subversion is
      used in parallel with a FTP-directory.</p>
      <p><strong>Let me illustrate:</strong></p>
      <p><strong>12:01 User1:</strong> Adds <em>foo.php</em> to project,
      commits to subversion repository and uploads to FTP-site. (File
      gets mod-date 12:01).</p>
      <p><strong>12:10 User2:</strong> Pulls latest changes from
      repository. (<em>foo.php</em> gets a mod date of 12:10).</p>
      <p><strong>12:10 User2:</strong> Makes changes to <em>bar.php</em>,
      pushes to repository and now wants to sync project with
      <p><strong>12:10 User2:</strong> When pulling up the file sync tool
      both <em>bar.php</em> and <em>foo.php</em> will show up as changed.
      When comparing the local and remote version of <em>foo.php</em>
      <strong>User2</strong> gets a message saying the files are
      <p>The information currently used (Modification date) could easily
      be combines with File size to improve the synchronization step.
      Especially as the information is already retrieved from the FTP
      directory listing.</p>
      <p>I realize the best way of solving this problem might be to avoid
      it altogether by replacing the FTP-sync step with some automated
      script like a post-commit-hook for subversion. This, however, is
      not an option for this project.</p>




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