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Code Assist does not display JS scriptdoc comments



       * Does Something
       * @param {Array} entIDs The list of entity IDs that will be requested from the API
       * @param {String} sDate The encoded start date (YYYY.mm.dd)
       * @param {String} eDate The encoded end date (YYYY.mm.dd)
       * @param {String} dimName CURRENTLY UNUSED
       * @param {Int} dLen The length between the start date and end date
       * @param {Array} catArr An array of category booleans, to be matched to entIDs in PHP.  true indicates that the item IS a category.  Example: [0,1,0,1,1]
       * @return {Void} 
       * @since 1.0
      function doSomething(entIDs,sDate,eDate,dimName,dLen,catArr){}

      Produces no added help in the code assist in a javascript file, even after reindexing and restarting. Found in build:

      1. Create a new empty project
      2. Create a new empty JS file
      3. Paste in the content from above
      4. Save the file
      5. At the end of the file after the doSomething function declaration, type "do" on a new line
      6. If CA does not appear, force it to appear
      7. You should see an entry for "doSomething". Highlight that item.
      8. In the info popup to the right of the CA popup, verify on the top line that you see "doSomething(Array, String, String, String, Int, Array) : Void
      9. In the info popup to the right of the CA popup, verify that after the method signature you see "Does Something"
      10. Now double-click the "doSomething" entry in the CA popup. This should complete "doSomething" in the editor.
      11. Type an open parentheses, '('
      12. At this point, you should see a context info popup appear. The first line is a signature as before, but it shows the parameter names as well. Below the signature, you should see separate entries, one for each parameter name along with its description.




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