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PHP Function Parameter/Argument Hinting



      {html}<div><p>I'm looking at changing the main IDE for my company to Aptana –
      so far we like what we see, but we just need a few more
      auto-suggest/hint capabilities because of the massive amounts of
      code we deal with. I understand that some of these
      auto-completes/hints might bother some people – that's why it'd be
      great if we had the ability to toggle them on/off.</p>
      <h1>Issue 1</h1>
      <code class="php">function test($arg1, $arg2, $arg3) {
      <p>If I begin typing:</p>
      <code class="php">test(...</code>
      <p>The hinting works perfectly.</p>
      <p>When the 'call' already exists and I begin to edit the
      parameters, I wish I was able to see the parameter hints again.</p>
      <h1>Issue 2</h1>
      <code class="php">class testObj {
      $test = new testObj();</code>
      <p>As I begin typing testObj, there's no auto-complete, I know that
      I can use Control + Space, but that slows down the process so much,
      it'd be so much easier with an auto-complete.</p>
      <h1>Issue 3</h1>
      <p>I could be wrong about this one – but I tried to create some
      "task tags" – and I didn't see any syntax color differences or
      adding them to the 'Task View'</p>
      <p>Is this a bug or am I missing a setting?</p>
      <code class="php"># TODO: test</code>
      <p>My syntax is correct for Aptana, isn't it?</p>
      <h1>Issue 4</h1>
      <p>There are often multiple people working on different files at
      one time – I want to be able to "command S" to save & upload
      at one time. I know that I can chose the option in 'Deployment
      Settings' to do this automatically, but what other points will an
      automatic "sync" happen? I'd only like the local machine to
      automatically upload on save – not on program upload or file
      reload or anything of that type. Is there any option for that?</p>
      <p>Thanks for creating Aptana, I think if we can get some of these
      issues solved, it'll be a great step for our company as our current
      IDE isn't meeting our standards anymore.</p></div>{html}




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