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Add text-based default mark occurrences implementation for all languages



      Simple implementation that just works on a a text/word basis.
      Implementation should work for CSS, HTML, JS, Python (if it does
      not exist already)

      1. Do the following with each editor in this list: CSS, ERB, HAML, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, Ruby, SASS, XML, and YAML
      2. Create a new empty document
      3. Add content appropriate for that language. Note that if the language can nest any other language in the list, include that nested language as content as well
      4. Make sure to repeat the same word at least once in the document. If the document has nested languages, try to use the same repeated word in all languages in the document
      5. Make sure the Mark Occurrences preference appears in the editor's preference page and make sure that Mark Occurrences is on
      6. Close preferences and click on the word that repeats in the document.
      7. Verify that all repetitions of the word are highlighted.
      8. Verify that the Mark Occurrences icon is active and on in the toolbar
      9. Toggle the Mark Occurrences icon to verify that Mark Occurrences comes and goes as the setting changes.
      10. Open preferences and turn off Mark Occurrences and dismiss preferences with the OK button
      11. Click on the word that repeats and verify that it and the repeated content are not highlighted.


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