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Do not show CA after typing > on an end tag in HTML



      {html}<div><p>The Zend Framework uses the phtml extension for view template
      files, which contain HTML and PHP. The File Association is locked
      for *.phtnl in Aptana 3 under the "PHP Source" content type. I'd
      prefer to be able to edit this to use the HTML editor exclusively
      as it is really annoying every time I close an HTML tag to have
      content assist pop up and offer to insert an "a with acute accent."
      If you hit ENTER or TAB to continue typing HTML, it will insert the
      á automatically, forcing you to backspace it every time. I
      am aware I can turn off content assist, but I'd prefer to keep it
      turned on for PHP and JavaScript.</p>
      <p>I have added the HTML Editor (and set it as default) under
      General->Editors->File Associations but the PHP Source Editor
      remains locked in there as well. I assume the content assist is
      triggered in PHP files when a right caret '>' is placed to offer
      suggestions for object variables and methods. I'd like the ability
      to either disable the PHP source editor for *.phtml files or for
      the editor to include the intelligence to recognize the difference
      between HTML and PHP and only offer the content assist while inside
      <? ?> tags.</p></div>{html}




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