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Content assist suggestions on files opened from remote server should show options based on the local project



      I have this issue, when I edit remote files with Aptana, it hangs when I type "<img src=""
      I think it's trying to 'index' my temp folder and give me suggestions from that folder. sometimes it takes forever. Is there a way to turn that feature off or fix this issue?

      Verified that we are in fact showing the contents of the tmp folder. Suggest that instead we show either the remote files, or the local ones in the attached project (if a project exists)

      Imported from Tender discussion #2790.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a web project.
      2. Upload html files to a remote server.
      3. Create new local html file but do not upload to the remote server.
      4. Edit a file from the remote server by adding the following markup then invoke content assist at the | mark:

        <a href="|"

      Expected result: Content assist should show local project files in content assist.
      Actual result: Content assist attempts to load the remote's temp directory.




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