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Issues in theming (invasive theme / fonts)



      {html}<div><p>Hi Chris,</p>
      <p>I'm using the invasive themes and there's one thing that's
      annoying me a bit regarding the fonts:</p>
      <p>When the console view is created, the contents seem to be
      initially filled with the default font and later have the view
      theme font applied (I attached a small video where this is
      happening – it always happens for me, but while recording it
      happens only on the 3rd launch because of the framerate).</p>
      <p>And sometimes other issues related to the fonts get wrong, such
      as the debug view ends up with unreadable text and the console
      randomly doesn't have the text font changed (adding screenshots for
      <p>Also, ideally, even when using invasive themes, I'd like to keep
      the fonts on those views unchanged (i.e.: only change the
      foreground/background, not the actual font type).</p>
      <p>So, I was thinking a bit about the issue... I know that the
      theming goes on and hijacks the actual instances when the invasive
      themes are on (and for some things that may be inevitable), but
      couldn't it be more conservative and only change the preferences
      from general > appearance > colors and fonts or other
      existing preferences (and in the cases where that's not possible,
      at least let the font style unchanged)?</p>
      <p>I'm marking for Studio 3.0 final, but feel free to change...
      (another thing is that with this fixed and more stable, I think
      that the invasive themes should be on by default as it really makes
      for a more visually appealing IDE – having some views in white and
      some views in black makes things a bit weird)</p>
      <p>Also, not sure if you've seen it, but <a href=
      seems to provide a way (as we do in Studio with the invasive
      themes) to change the colors for several plugins at once, so, it
      may be worth checking it – if not only to get the preferences that
      it's changing </p></div>{html}




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