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JavaScript: Indenting blocks of code slow and intermittently causes crashes



      Highlighting and indenting code blocks (javascript) with the tab key takes between 5 and 10 seconds to complete in files with several 1000s of lines. After indentation syntax formatting is often lost throughout the file, and occasionally numerous line breaks will have been added at random. Ofter during code indentation, Aptana will freeze completely and must be shut down from the Activity Monitor. I am currently working on a javascript file with 10,000 lines and this problem is a major headache. Indenting a single line is fine, but selecting even two lines and indenting triggers the issue described.

      I am using Studio on Mac OS X 10.6.5

      1. Create a new empty JS document
      2. Enter in multiple lines of JS
      3. Copy and paste the content until you have roughly 10,000 lines.
      4. Select all lines
      5. Type tab

      It is expected that all lines will be indented one tab space in a second or two.




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