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Make 1.3.0 compatible with TiSDK < 3.2.0


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      2013 Sprint 26


      ALOY-760, which is needed to support Liveview multi-platform builds, required a TIMOB bug fix which affected iOS device builds, documented in TIMOB-14884. The resolution caused Alloy to compile its projects to platform-specific folders, and would hence only support TiSDK 3.2.0 or greater, since iOS device builds would fail without the TIMOB-14884 fix.

      This ticket is here to see if the issue in TIMOB-14884 can be worked around without absolutely requiring TiSDK 3.2.0. The goal is for Alloy 1.0+ to continue to support TiSDK 3.0.0+.

      A likely fix would be to simply, in the case of non-development iOS builds, to generate files to both the platform-specific and plain-old Resources folder. It's redundant and could potentially increase compile time in these cases, but getting back compatibility with earlier TiSDK versions is well worth it.




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