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Events are blocked in special cases in TableViewSection



      The bug can reliably be reproduced. The attached code can reproduce it. The expected behavior is to add a row to the tableviewsection. However, once we add the row and rerender the tableview (with setData), all of the eventlisteners on the tableview stop working (even the ones on other rows).

      There are some weird ways to workaround the bug (but none of them can be used in my case and that's why I'm reporting this):

      *If you only have the rightNavBAr or leftNavbar (not both). Not even sure why this is related but if you remove one of buttons, it just works!

      *Use InsertRowAfter (or appendRow) instead of setData to add the row to the section. This approach works but the issue is if you don't have any row in a section and want to add a row to that section, it just won't work.

      *move win.open() to somewhere after setData in the code. This approach also works but I cannot really do it in my case.

      All of the workarounds look pretty bizarre to me and I don't even know why they work.


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