In TiSDK 2.2 (3.0), all platforms are adding support for an applyProperties() function which will allow developers to efficiently apply a set of properties all at once, just like at create time. Once this is available, Alloy should use this function to apply styles dynamically at runtime. This will help us with things like handling style change on orientation change or other runtime events.

      In addition to allowing us to make these changes based on specific runtime events, we should also expose a simple function for applying a style to an element manually. We will need to have a discussion as to whether it makes more sense to apply these properties to a controller as a whole, which IMO makes the most logical sense, or to concoct a way to allow us to apply parts of tss files to specific elements. Likely separate jira tickets will be created for these issues.


      We will not be able to use applyProperties() or any alloy functionality that relies on it in any version before 2.2 (3.0). As with ALOY-209, this requires us to decide what will be the minimum version of TiSDK supported.


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