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app/lib files do not have sourceMappingURL comments



      The way that Alloy copies lib/ files results in source maps being generated, but the copied lib file has no pointer to the source map. It should have a //# sourceMappingURL= comment appended which points to the full file path of the generated source map file.

      Additionally, the generated source maps *may not be correct* based on the optimizer plugin being run as a post-process "Optimizer" step.

      Ideally the files should be processed by Babel, spit out a source map, have a comment appended to the generated contents pointing at the map file, and then written to disk (all as a single process/flow per-file) and not included in the later "optimizing" step.

      Instead Alloy does this:

      • copies the file as-is (no //# sourceMappingURL= comment!)
      • immediately generates a 1:1 source map to represent the copy
      • later runs an "optimizing step" on some of the files under the Resources/ directory (including the ones from lib/!) which *may* result in the source map now being incorrect


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