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Alloy: Allow to import a custom template from dir using Alloy CLI


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      2018 Sprint 20 Tooling, 2018 Sprint 21, 2018 Sprint 22, 2018 Sprint 23


      Many of us use the open source version of Titanium / Alloy from the terminal to create our applications.

      The process is always the same:

      ti create
      alloy new

      Alloy allows you to transform a classic code application to mvc alloy and it is possible to set a template in the following way:

      alloy new ProjectNameFolder/ templateName

      The problem is: It only allows folder names that are hosted inside the templates folder in the alloy library.

      If we move the custom template to this directory when alloy is updated, the custom template will be erased.

      The proposal is:

      Allow a directory path to be set as template.

      alloy new ProjectNameFolder/ /Path/to/my/custom/template

      This can be done in a simple way.

      Just have to modify the getPaths function at line 136 in the file /alloy/Alloy/commands/new/index.js and check if the templateName parameter is a directory or not.

      What do you think about this proposal?


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