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Paths and names of Collections/Images/Controllers is not consistent.



      The name of the controller can also be a relative path. But to make it uniform (just like with images) you should be able to add a / in front of the name/path. It currently doesn't support that. This fix resolves that for controllers,models and collections, and adds to the documentation it can also be a relative path.

      An example why this should be supported is because it is consistent for everything. Image names/paths with a leading / on Android is even required, and a controller name/path with a leading / is generating errors. This leads to unexpected issues, and confusion.

      This fix makes it consistent:

      Alloy.createController('name'); // will work
      Alloy.createController('/path/to/controller'); // will also work
      $.imageView.image = '/path/to/image.png' // will (only) work
      Alloy.createCollection('name'); // will work
      Alloy.createCollection('/path/to/collection'); // will work

      Consistent behaviour across all names/paths leads to expected functionality. Exceptions make it confusion. This fixes that




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