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Jake: not able to run project from Studio on Genymotion if not manually editing tiapp.xml


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Low
    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: Alloy 1.5.0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Samples & Templates
    • Environment:

      TiSDK 3.4.0.v20140912164913
      Appcelerator Studio
      CLI 3.4.0-rc3
      Alloy 1.5.0-rc2
      Xcode6 GM

    • Story Points:
    • Sprint:
      2014 Sprint 20 Alloy


      Problem description

      After using Jake to import, setup and run an Alloy project in Appcelerator Studio, is not possible to run it on Genymotion emulators if not manually editing first tiapp.xml.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Import the Harness project in Appcelerator Studio
      2. Import any Alloy project using Jake.

      jake app:setup dir=advanced/custom_tss_queries/

      3. Run on Genymotion simulator the Harness project from Studio.

      App fails to build and run

      [ERROR] Application Installer abnormal process termination. Process exit value was 1
      [WARN] :   --avd-* options have been deprecated, please use --device-id
      Available Emulators:
         titanium_1_WVGA800 (4.1.2)
         titanium_GalaxyNexus_4.0_API14 (4.0)
         Google Galaxy Nexus - 4.3 - API 18 - 720x1280 (4.3)
         Google Nexus 7 - 4.4.2 - API 19 - 800x1280 (4.4.2)
         Google Nexus One - 2.3.7 - API 10 - 480x800 (2.3.7)
      For help, run: titanium help build
      [ERROR] :  Missing required option: --device-id <name>

      3. Open tiapp.xml and save. Run again.
      Result: project build and run and expected.

      Seems to be reproducible only when building/running on Genymotion. Android Emulator and Android device launch as expected.


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