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    • Component/s: Alloy
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      sdk 3.4.1 , iphone 4 16GB, Iphone


      There is a delayed response in rendering the screen properly with sub navigation windows by 1 seconds.

      So if I create a navigation window, and then open the child navigation window, it takes 1 second for the screen to completely render. I will see the old layout, then the new one shortly after wards.

      I open them like this:

      var controller = Alloy.createController('filters',

      { title : 'Filter', name : '_filters', flagWin : true, isFlyout : false }

      var newWindow = controller.getView();

      { animated : true }


      Window then opens, and it is glitchy. The user sees the old layout for 1 second, then it changes to the new layout.

      In the simulator, the window opens smoothly with the view content in the position. I see it on my iPhone 4, so to replicate the bug you need to test it on a device.

      Here is my XML:

      <Window id="win" backgroundColor='#fafafa'>
      <Button id="lbtn" title='Log out' onClick="rightButtonClicked" />
      <ImageView id="btnImgRight" onClick="rightButtonClicked"/>
      <ScrollView id="scrollGeneric" visible='false'>
      <View id="formView" width='Ti.Platform.displayCaps.platformWidth' >
      <ImageView id="iconMenu" left='100' top='20' width = '136' height = '136' borderRadius='68'/>
      <!-- <Label id="lblNick" >Nickname</Label>-->
      <Label id="lblLater" >Name</Label>
      <TextField id="txtName" class="pickTypes" borderColor='#F0F0F0' paddingLeft='15' left='10' top='10' width = '300' editable=false />
      <Label id="lblLater" >Nickname</Label>
      <Label id="lblNumcharN" >8 characters max</Label>
      <TextField id="txtNick" paddingLeft='15' top='10' maxLength='8' width = '300' />
      <Label id="lblLater" >Description (optional)</Label>
      <Label id="lblNumchar" >250 characters max</Label>
      <View width='300' height="100" borderStyle="Ti.UI.INPUT_BORDERSTYLE_ROUNDED" borderColor= '#E3E3E3' backgroundColor= 'white'>
      <TextArea id="txtAbout" maxLength='250' left='15' top='5' width = '290' />

      <View id='saveBut' height='Ti.UI.SIZE'>
      <Button id="btnGo" bottom='20' onClick="goClicked" />
      <View id = "view_indicator">
      <ActivityIndicator id="ind" />


      $.win.addEventListener('open', function(e)

      { //show content when window has opened. $.winContent.visible = true; }


      This works, BUT it feels like a bit of a hack, given that I didn't have to wait for the window to open before showing the content properly.




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