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Android module dont work on armeabi-v7a


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      Titanium SDK 9.3.1.GA


      Hi guys,

      I'm crazy sinces few days with a problem i can't understand, i really need help.

      I have two computers : One MacBook and one Windows 10 PC,
      I started to code my app on the MacBook, and since more than one year i use the PC.

      My app includes a native Android module, which was working well till now. Everything started to change when i wanted to update the Titanium SDK.

      SDK 9.0.0.GA :

      • The module still compiles fine on the macBook
      • The module don't compile on the PC due tot C++ errors (edit : i posted a comment below with the error logs)

      SDK 9.3.1.GA :

      • The module compile fine on the PC, but when i look closely at the generated files on the .aar, i see that the .so library file generated for armeabi-v7a have not the good size, and it result that the app fails with an exception on armeabi-v7a devices (tested). The app works well on other architectures devices.
      • The module compile fine on the MacBook and all the .so have the correct size, the app is running on armeabi devices !

      Why the hell appcelerator is not building the ".so" file in the "jni" folder correctly for armeabi-v7a architecture ? And why the hell the module compiles fine and runs fine if compiled with the macBook with 9.0.0.GA / 9.3.1.GA and not in the PC ?

      Thank you in advance if you can help me !




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