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I am trying to build with xcode 11 and sdk 8.3.1.GA and I am getting this message - [ERROR] Invalid "--distribution-name" value


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      I have added the relevant environment for iOS from `appc ti info` in the environment section. I can build the android build fine using this command -

      appc ti build --no-prompt build --platform android --sdk 8.3.1.GA --skip-js-minify --project-dir /Users/omadiadmin/Projects/omadi_mobile/titanium_src --log-level info -T dist-playstore -K /Users/omadiadmin/Projects/omadi_mobile/titanium_src/../omadi.keystore -P <redacted> -L app_joseandro_version -O /Users/omadiadmin/Builds/Android/4.4.43_8.3.1.GA/4.4.43

      When I try to build for iOS which I have been able to do in the past with xcode 10, and 8.0.1.GA I get this error - [ERROR] Invalid "--distribution-name" value "Omadi, Inc. (WSF7G42V5D)". I know my provisioning profile is correct and I have always used the same --distribution-name in the past, so I am not sure why I am getting failures on newer xcode with 8.3.1.GA.

      appc ti --no-prompt build --log-level info --skip-js-minify --crittercism -F universal -D production -p ios --sdk 8.3.1.GA -d /Users/omadiadmin/Projects/omadi_mobile/titanium_src/Resources -P 3408b5ab-f213-4574-9ae1-bc381d7bc33c -T dist-appstore --distribution-name 'Omadi, Inc. (WSF7G42V5D)'

      Can you please help me figure out what I am missing? The environment has stayed the same other then a new xcode 11 cert, xcode 11, and the new 8.3.1.GA sdk. What needs to be set for the --distribution-name? Where do I get that if not from `appc ti info`?




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