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iOS building is broken with XCode 11 with app not opening in simulator


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      MacOS 10.14.6
      XCode 11.3.1
      Ti SDK 8.3.1 (and other versions)
      appc version 7.1.2
      node 8.16.2 and 10.18.1


      I've just updated to XCode 11.3.1 from 10. Building is broken. Running eg
      $appc ti build -p ios --target simulator --device-id A9CE58D6-A89D-47B8-9937-F102740EA2E5
      (this is the sim for an iPhone 7 running iOS 13.3)
      There are 2 problem scenarios.

      Scenario 1
      What happens is that the simulator opens and console is left at:
      [INFO] Finished building the application in 36s 78ms
      [INFO] Launching iOS Simulator
      But if I go to the simulator and then choose the device from the Hardware > Device.... menu the actual device window then opens AND launches the app and the console carries on logging as normal.

      Scenario 2
      The terminal finishes after:
      [INFO] Launching iOS Simulator
      and returns to the $ prompt. Nothing then will start the app.

      So in other words the chain is broken somewhere and in Scenario 1 opening the simulator by hand kickstarts it into action. I see there have been lots of problems with XCode 11 (or incompatibilities between SDK versions and XCode) and I did review them but don't see this particular problem. This happens with Ti SDK 8.1 and 8.3. I thought it might be a node problem so tried updating from node 8 to 10 but seemed to make things worse (previously I had only scenario 1, now I have scenario 2).




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