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Problems Installing Studio from scratch


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      macOS Catalina


      I'm a long time user of Appcelerator Studio...
      I resently got a new Mac, and needed to install Studio from scratch
      Here is my findings...

      Im on macOS Catalina, freshly installed 2 weeks ago
      Xcode 11.1 installed

      Downloaded latest version of Axway Appcelerator Studio, build:
      Ran the installer
      Started Studio...
      Studio Popped up the Install SDK window
      IOS SDK installed
      Android SDK installed...

      Ohh no Dashboard still says Android not installed
      Googled a little and found that:
      Android 10 (29) is not supported...
      So why did Studio install that version?
      Installed Android Studio (It has a great SDK Manager) uninstalled 10 and installed 9(28)
      Great Dashboard says Android Installed

      Created a New Mobile App Project with Axway Appcelerator Platform Services enabled
      App created...
      But again... Ohh no Axway Appcelerator services are partially enabled
      Clicked Enable Services... no change restarted Studio... no change restarted machine... no change
      Seems like tiapp.xml has all the right properties
      and alloy.js even has some user login code...
      Well maybe it's just the TiApp Editor showing a false negative..
      Started the app on iPhone 11 emulator
      Now Studio get all Sluggish and unresponsive
      Googled a bit... Found that max version of Node supported is 8.16, and I'm on 10.x the LTS version when installed
      Uninstalled Node and alle modules...
      Started Studio... and it installed node and all modules again...
      Now I'm on the Node 8.16 and Studio is not so sluggish any more..

      Started my newly created app again...and guess what the log says
      [WARN] : DEPRECATION NOTICE: Titanium SDK 9 will no longer support Node.js 8 or lower. We intend to support Node.js 10/12 LTS, which will be 10.13 or higher.
      Well OK seems a little odd but OK, guess this is just a service message..

      Next thing in the log
      [WARN] : The implicit global scope for variable declarations in app.js is deprecated in 7.5.0, and will be removed in 9.0.0
      [WARN] : See http://go.appcelerator.com/Titanium_SDK_7.5.0_Functionality_Update for more info
      What I haven't written a single line of code...
      Well ok the App creater wizzard added the login code to alloy.js could this be it?
      Delete the code... but no the warning is still there...

      That conclude my findings... but leaves me with a few questions.

      1 Can it be right that a newly installed Studio installs the wrong Android SDK?
      2 Is Node 8 realy the max supported version at this time?
      3 Does my newly created App have a problem with Appcelerator services?
      It seems to be working...the Ti.info(result) logs info allright...
      But why is it reported af partially Enabled? Where can I see whats not enabled?
      4 Is the warning about "implicit global scope" somthing to be worried about?




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