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Android: TableView content hidden on rows that are not screen visible (android)


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: High
    • Resolution: Not Our Bug
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Android
    • Environment:

      Devices: android (tablet)

      Appcelerator Command-Line Interface, version 5.1.0
      Titanium Command-Line Interface, CLI version 5.0.5
      Titanium SDK version 5.1.2.GA

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    • Sprint:
      2018 Sprint 07 SDK, 2018 Sprint 08 SDK, 2018 Sprint 09 SDK, 2018 Sprint 10 SDK, 2018 Sprint 11 SDK, 2018 Sprint 12 SDK, 2018 Sprint 13 SDK, 2018 Sprint 14 SDK, 2018 Sprint 15 SDK, 2018 Sprint 16 SDK, 2016 Sprint 17 SDK


      I've a calendar widget, that is a TableView rotated -90 degrees, after set the TableView data, I add a View rotated 90 degrees the TableViewRows, and set to those Views the new height and width.

      On 'scrollend' event, if this reach the TableView limits, at the end of the TableView I push another 20 rows to the end of the TableView data, and at the beginning I unshift 20 rows to the beginning of the TableView data.

      This works perfectly on iOS, but on android there is a issue that I can't understand why: all the screen visible TableViewRows are fine (5), but when I scroll to the other TableViewRows it's children are hidden until a 'click' event on the TableView.

      • Start of the TableView (with 20 rows):

      • Scrolled a little bit to see the next rows (starting on nº6):

      • After a click on TableView:

      Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35433035/tableview-content-hidden-on-rows-that-are-not-screen-visible-android

      Test project added (without assets)




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