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project not building after 7.5.1.GA update



      I have one classic appcelerator project with some of module used into that.
      Till Titanium sdk 7.5.0.GA , it was building & running properly.
      But yesteday, I have just updated sdk to 7.5.1.GA, build project with 7.5.1.GA Sdk, it throwing me below error - dexer error (may be due to jar get conflicting in diff modules)

      later I have run my same project with with 7.5.0.GA still it throwing same error. But previosuly it was working fine with sdk 7.5.0.GA, now it is not working from yesterdays update.

      How can I revert back so it will work properly like previsous atleast with Titanium sdk 7.5.0.GA.

      Same project with same module working fine with another Pc which is not updated to 7.5.1.GA, But in my pc it is throwing error in sdk 7.5.0.GA also

      Please help me ASAP
      module used are: facebook,googlesigin, ti.animation, navdrawer, firebase, onesignal.




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