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      OS: Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
      Node.js: v8.9.4
      NPM: v5.6.0
      CLI: v5.1.1
      SDK: 7.5.0.GA
      Target type: device
      Target OS: Android 7.0


      Hi there,

      I'm wanting to use the LiveView when running apps from the CLI, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm actually using it through the Atom IDE, which just seems to call the appc CLI underneath (I've tried it directly with the CLI too).

      This is the command being run:

      appc run --platform android --target device --log-level info --liveview --project-dir (path) --device-id (id)

      (Parts in parenthesis have been redacted.)

      There's no errors or problems with it running, it just builds and launches on the device like usual. However, typing into a file and saving it (through Atom) doesn't seem to reload the app or trigger messages in the console. There's also no mention of the LiveView server in the build console output.

      I've heard that support for LiveView might be phased out of the CLI and only available in the Studio, which I've tried to use but always crashes when building (I don't really want to fix this issue because I prefer Atom/CLI anyway, so I would prefer to get it working in the CLI).

      Let me know if there's any information that I can add.

      Thank you!




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