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[Android] Map module View method snapshot not working correctly



      Hi guys,
      I have problem with Google maps integration on Android app. I need to add small map view to scrollable as shop detail info. On iPhone, everything works fine. On android, when I add mapView to mainView, app crashes. So I tried to add small mapView to another window, wjich is now appearing correctly and tried to convert it to image somehow. I read documentation and found out, that there is snapshot() method for Android and eventlistener onsnapshotready. Problem is, that this method does nothing for me and eventlistener never gets fired, so I can't get image from current map - I call this method in app.js after map creation. I tried to create template window and add map to it and add eventlistener(open) and there call mapView.snapshot - this crash application.
      Is there another way to convert map to image(on background, without displaying it)? Or how to solve crashing when I add map view to another view?(scrollview in my case).
      I use nappDrawer as side menu, I wrote some time ago problems with maps and nappDrawer and it should be fixed now...
      Note: I test on device, not in emulator(Motorola Moto G2, Android 4.4.4)
      Thank you for your answer.
      Best regards,
      Marian Kucharcik




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