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Textfield in keyboard toolbar doesn't react to focus() and blur() messages



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      checked with 1.8.0 (as of master:f7c0117f8ec88704e1cc51fb82ff55cdf0c327f6)

      A textfield in a keyboard toolbar, like the one in the textfield_toolbar.js example in kitchensink, will never receive focus()/blur() messages. The issue seems related to somewhat too much strict checks in TiUITextWidgetProxy.m. In particular, a check is performed on [self viewAttached], which resolves to (view != nil && windowOpened). However, in my understanding, the keyboard toolbar lives in a separately managed window with the keyboard view, so there's no mean to notify the subview proxies when that window gets opened or closed.

      In a project I'm following, I've been able to overcome the problem by relaxing those checks (simply not checking for windowOpened), however this doesn't looks to me as a "general solution", as I'm not sure which side effects it might have.

      I attach a test case.
      expected: clicking on the textfield on top of the window should fire the keyboard w/ a toolbar containing another textfield, and focus should be passed to the textfield in the toolbar
      Current: the keyboard w/ toolbar gets fired but the focus remains on the main textfield.




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