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iOS 8 Location Services Incompatibility


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      2018 Sprint 05 SDK


      Using Titanium Studio 3.3.x, Ti.Geolocation worked flawlessly for iPhone 5S running iOS 7. But just today, I upgraded this iPhone 5S to iOS 8 and Ti.Geolocation can't getCurrentLocation. I turned on the Location Services in the iOS 8 Settings app but it doesn't save the setting configuration for my specific app. I would indicate "Always" for Location Services and switch back to my app. By the time I get to my app, the Location Services turns off automatically and I haven't even really pressed or swiped or did anything. And when I go back to the Settings app to check the location setting for my my app, the setting configuration wasn't saved at all and neither "Never" or "Always" were checked. This is this same with Titanium Studio 3.4.x


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