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Android map module doesn't update when panning around and zooming


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      OSX Version 10.9.2
      Titanium SDK 3.1.3.GA
      Ti.Map module


      The map won't update for Android when panning around and zooming in on a different location. Im having the same problem with both the Development key (shipped with Titanium) and the Distribution key.

      It seems like the application is caching the map somehow, as the map at start (Sydney, Australia) is COMPLETELY blurred, while if I move the map to Karlstad, Sweden, the map is fine even when zoomed, a lot. Karlstad is the first location used for my map, so I guess thats why.

      If I create a whole new application, the Development API key for Google maps (shipped with Titanium) works fine, but the issue remains with the Distribution key (What? Shouldn't work at all?).

      app.js now contains the following, and nothing more:

      var MapModule = require('ti.map');
      var win = Ti.UI.createWindow({backgroundColor: 'white', title: 'Title', navBarHidden: true});
      var mapview = MapModule.createView({
          mapType: MapModule.NORMAL_TYPE,
          region: {latitude: -33.87365, longitude: 151.20689, latitudeDelta: 0.1, longitudeDelta: 0.1 }, //Sydney
          userLocation: true,
          annotations: [],
          animate: false

      Im not sure if this is an issue you can address, or if this is an issue for Google rather than you, but I thought that I'd start here and see what you have to say.

      This application is currently sitting on Google Play, so a quick answer would be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks in advance.

      Jimmie Jönsson




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