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Android: Google Maps v2 map tiles not showing when scrolling/zooming



      After starting a map view, everything works fine for a while.
      If you do a lot of scrolling and zooming, you don't see any map details any more after a while on some devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S4 w Android 4.2.1, Oppo Find 7 w Android 4.4, Google Nexus 7 w Android 4.4 etc.).
      You can still scroll and zoom, but the map stays blurry (street names still appear).

      Switching between satellite and standard view doesn't change the bevhaviour.

      Sometimes the app crashes after heavy zooming and scrolling.

      After clearing the cache (application settings) and restarting the app, the map works fine again for some time. So I assume it's a memory issue.

      In addition some users report that the performance of the map view is, compared to the Google Maps app, worse and the use of internet traffic is higher.

      I attached a sample project. You just have to enter your Google API key and adapt the app id.
      If you have any questions or need more information feel free to post a comment.


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